Why I’m Finally Surrendering and Starting My Own Blog

BloggingAs the founder of my own content consulting company, my job is to convince you why, exactly, you should focus on your content campaign – or lack thereof. However, it has taken me more than two years to strategize and dedicate the time to launching my own blog to further the growth of my own operation.

Well, I have decided that today is the day, because, as the saying goes, “seeing is believing,” and I’d rather be productive than submit to another weekly ‘Case of the Mondays’ struggle. I’m hunkering down over here to demonstrate why starting a blog is beneficial to the growth of your brand or company, and I’m using my own business as the basis for this experiment.

Why I Hesitated to Start a Blog

As a decorated writer, editor and content marketer with a career of 12 years, I’ve gained a plethora of valuable experience in the field. However, I studied and gained my degree in journalism just prior to the blog boom, which left a bitter taste in my mouth. For many years, I felt that blogging gave everyone a platform, and because of that, it was disrupting my own opportunity for growth. But, who am I to judge the avid recipe writer or on-a-budget blogger looking to spawn his or her own career or side hustle?

Relinquishing control can be tough at times, but I finally see that this is our shining moment to share, together. We have so many digital tools at our fingertips just begging to be clicked, launching us into the online marketing stratosphere. So, instead of holding this grudge any longer, I’m finally giving in and joining the revolution. Pressing “publish” on this post is my first step toward accountability – and I’m holding myself to it!

What You Can Expect From My Blog

While I’ve been known for my extensive bouts of ‘word vomit’ in the past, there is a method to my madness this time around. I’m starting this blog to share my years of expertise. From pitch and press release writing tips to tricks on how to naturally infuse keywords into content, I’m ready to be your navigator. I’ve recruited and trained dozens of writers and editors throughout my career, and mentoring has always been the highlight of my role. And, while I know I can’t singlehandedly provide critiques to all of the aspiring writers out there, this blog is my attempt at reaching a broader audience.

Why We Should All Start Blogging

There are many reasons why we should all be blogging. My top five motives include:

  1. Creating an organic footprint for your website or brand – We all market our businesses in different ways. For those who choose not to put online marketing budgets into play for paid web advertisements, a blog can help generate content that will still work in favor of your SEO, or search engine optimization. By creating a regular stream of unique content, you can begin to grow your online footprint organically. This means ranking higher in search results, without committing to a daily ad budget.
  2. Producing content for social media platforms – Captivating photos are great, and so are 140-character conversation starters. However, each blog post you write provides you with a new tool of promotion on your social channels. Keep writing and sharing in order to secure a larger following, but also to keep the clicks heading toward your website multiplying, which will absolutely assist with Motive No. 1.
  3. Becoming the authority in your area of expertise – A strong resume and decades of bragging are not enough to prove that you are an authority in your industry. By taking the time to tell your story, you are anchoring your authoritativeness. Share your hard-learned lessons and tips that will aid others starting out. But, don’t share it all – you still need to stash a few secrets for safekeeping.
  4. Securing credibility within your industry – When it comes to acquiring new clients and networking to facilitate new, professional relationships, your blog works in your favor. Regular blogs provide a track record of credibility, which goes hand-in-hand with becoming an authority. As a credible source in your industry, you never know which opportunity will come knocking on your door next.
  5. Offering a canvas of cross-promotion between potential partners – Hosting a blog gives you free rein on what you can write about and who you can promote. Look to your blog as a canvas for cross-promotion. Here, you can partner up with other experts in your field. Whether utilizing these experts as sources, or allowing them to guest blog on your site, you can create beneficial, cross-promotional opportunities. In addition, you can cross-promote items, which gives you a chance to digitally connect with brands to further potential partnerships.

What if I can’t write my own blog?

Not everyone has a way with words, and that is okay. All you need to do is commit to the mission of starting your own blog, and know that there are talented experts out there waiting to assist you.

I started Block Media Worldwide because I know there is a need for the content I produce. My career has spanned hundreds of topics, and there are thousands of like-minded content experts out there, just like me. We are ethical, knowledgeable and eager to deliver exceptional pieces to your inbox. And, if you prefer to have your own voice, hiring a proofreader will only help you polish your tone.

I’ve officially taken the plunge down the blogging rabbit hole, and I hope those of you on the fence will join me on this journey of what I envision will produce useful content for those on the endless search for it.

On your mark, get set, BLOG!

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