How to Increase Web Traffic Fast and Organically

Once you have published your website, you may be wondering exactly how to increase website traffic for free, so you can acquire more visitors without creating an advertising budget. The first step in this process is to ensure your website has plenty of valuable content, which will act as a foundation for your optimization tactics. Starting your own blog is a great way to develop useful content related to your industry. If the website you are seeking to drive instant website traffic to is already a blog, then you will have plenty of content with which to work. When it comes to search engine optimization, or SEO, it is also important to keep in mind that if you searched tactics on ‘how to improve SEO 2017,’ these will differ from ‘how to improve SEO 2018.’ This is due to the fact that how to increase SEO on Google (and other search engines) and the act of trying to improve SEO rankings changes with internet compliance structures on a regular basis. However, there are still basic measures you can always take regarding organic traffic generation, which are outlined below.

How to Get Traffic to Your Website Fast

How to increase organic traffic starts with thinking like a marketer. Even if you are not an expert in marketing, you must be open to this mindset in order to improve SEO rankings without paying top dollar. In order to get started, five things you can do include:

  1. Creating a word web – When you are writing value-added content for your website, make sure to employ a word web tool. There are plenty of free tools you can access online to get started; just pick the one that is right for you. A word web will provide you with a plethora of terms that are related to your topic, and will allow you to be comprehensive in what you write about and cover. This is great for how to improve Google search results, because search engines value all-inclusive content.
  2. Utilizing keywords – Whether you employ a keyword tool like Moz or decide to hire a content marketer to do keyword research and implementation on your behalf, integrating keywords that rank high on search engines is greatly beneficial when learning how to increase organic traffic. This gives you a better chance of showing up through search results, rather than not ranking at all.
  3. Embedding links – Make sure to always find ways to link to other content. Internal links to other pages or posts on your own website will help you obtain more page views beyond where someone initially lands. On the other hand, external links show you are being detail-oriented with your suggestions and references. Search engines like both of these linking tactics. Also, cross-linking to other websites is a great way to work on a cross-promotional relationship with someone else, so you can work on how to get targeted traffic to your website – or websites – together.
  4. Running analytics – A program like Google Analytics can tell you who is visiting your site, the depth of your traffic and the actions that are taken. From these numbers, you can build optimized content strategies to follow the patterns of your current visitors, or change the courses of their projected paths. You can also create goals and hand-select the areas in which you want to analyze to get the most accurate reporting possible.
  5. Surveying your competition – Seeing what your competitors are producing will always provide you with a strong basis for if you are – or are not – doing enough with your content. Striving to do more than your competitors will help you develop and achieve greater goals.

What if I can’t optimize my website on my own?

If you are still wondering, “How do I get real, free traffic to my website?” consider hiring an experienced content consultant. This professional should know about the best SEO tactics in 2018 to improve upon your content, along with creating a strategy of effective SEO techniques for your future content creation. The candidate you choose should also have strong proofreading skills to ensure your content – and your brand – remains credible through the process.

Activate strong content marketing and SEO strategies, and watch your organic web traffic soar!

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